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What is Fox Racing?

Fox Head Inc (doing business as Fox Racing) is an American extreme sport (primarily motocross and mountain biking), protective equipment, and lifestyle clothing brand founded in 1974.

Are you a fan of Fox Racing?

You are a racing enthusiast. Especially if you follow the Fox Racing team. Then in your outfits, a Fox Flannel shirt can't be missing. Stand out and stand proud on an essential t-shirt that fits comfortably into your t-shirt collection. Show your love for these two fan favorites as you slide on this must-have tee for race fans.

Fox Racing Shirts

Fox Racing's iconic, original t-shirt collection is the ideal collection to keep up with the latest trends and styles. From classic Fox Legacy t-shirts to current motorcycle-inspired t-shirts, the Fox Racing button-down shirts are the perfect fit, whether you're out with friends, out and about. at the motocross track, or simply chill on a warm day. Fabrics range from lightweight, soft and comfortable, to technical materials that help wick away sweat as you move through the day. Find the perfect fox racing shirts youth t-shirt — long or short — to fit your everyday life and fit it. Follow Flybriz Store to keep up to date with the latest Fox Racing jerseys to cheer for the upcoming races.