Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death Dies At 55

Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death Dies At

Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death Dies At 55

Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death Dies At 55
Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death Dies At 55

NFL legend Tony Siragusa has died aged 55, and his former Baltimore Ravens teammate Jamal Lewis was confirmed to TMZ Sports.

“I have to say it’s a sad day being a Raven,” the former runner said on Wednesday.

The cause of death of the former defensive player has not yet been revealed.

Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death Dies At 55

Tony Siragusa’s Career Is Associated With NFL

The defensive midfielder, known as “Goose,” was a standout in Steel City, leaving his mark on the Panthers’ show from 1986-1989.

“If I wanted to learn a school song, I would have gone to Notre Dame or Penn State. I wanted to kill people on the football field. That’s why I went to Pitt,” Siragusa once said.

He was picked by the Indianapolis Colts in 1990 and spent seven seasons with the team.

He then signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 1997 and became a key player on the team whose legendary defense won Super Bowl XXXV.

Siragusa retired in 2001 after five years with the Colts and became a household name as a broadcaster on Fox Sports.

On Wednesday, Pitt’s coach Pat Narduzzi posted a tribute to the former Panther.

“The Goose,” Narduzzi tweeted. “Always greater than life on and off the pitch. Forever a Pitt Man and never forgotten.”

Pitt legend Dan Marino also posted a touching tribute to “Goose” on his Twitter account.

“We lost a great game today and I am truly devastated. Goose is the best. He makes the most of every moment, making sure that everyone around him has a smile on his face all the time. lips and has a heart of gold. Siragusa family is in our prayers. Rest in peace, brothers.”

Siragusa — a 6-foot-3, 340-pound defensive player — originally joined the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts as an untrained free agent in 1990 and became a full-time starter. in the 1992 season.

In 1997, he signed with the Baltimore Ravens. and went on to become a key player on the legendary 2000 team that won Super Bowl XXXV.

Playing alongside Ray Lewis , Rod Woodson and Adalius Thomas , Siragusa – nicknamed “Goose” – helped the Ravens defense set a record for the fewest points allowed in a regular season on the way to the title.

During his 12 years in the league, he compiled 22 tackles and 564 aggregate tackles.

After his playing career, Siragusa rose to national prominence as a reporter and NFL sideline analyst for Fox. He made the audience laugh with his unique style and knowledge of the game.

Siragusa has also hosted several television shows after his retirement from the NFL, including “Man Caves.”

Colts owner Jim Irsay just tweeted about Siragusa’s death, saying, “The Goose, Tony Siragusa has passed away aged 55.. Me like all of the Colts Nation.”

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti also commented on Siragusa’s passing, writing in a statement, “Our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to Kathy, their three children, and everyone else. remains of the Siragusa family.”

“This is an extremely sad day for the Baltimore Ravens. We appreciate everyone who has expressed their warm support for our players, coaches and staff.”

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